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Welcome to E2000

The Network To Empower Your Dream

Who Are We

The Empower 2000 community is a tribe of passionate, Spirit-led, world changers who are hungry to empower God's children to realize the dream He has asked them to steward. We believe when we are all walking in our dream, we can transform the earth into a beautiful place and see God's Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

Why Join Us

God has given every person a dream to steward, but many times we either don't know what it is or how to accomplish it. The Empower 2000 community is a place to empower you with the understanding, the skills,  and the wisdom to realize that dream while also providing an environment of supernatural encouragement, hope and faith that your dream can and will come true. When you join the Empower 2000 community you become a part of a family who believes that nothing is impossible and will walk beside you to make that truth a reality in your own life.

Ready To Live Your Dream?

If you're tired of feeling discouraged of where the world is at and frustrated that you are not experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised those who followed Him would enjoy then request to join the Empower 2000 Mighty Network family.  

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